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For mess-free period sex

Evanella is a sex device that was developed with women´s needs and taste in mind. It´s a comfortable, effective cervical cap in beautiful colors. It meets the highest quality standards.

Evanella does not absorb water, making it ideal for making love in water on your period. It is also invisible and keeps sex spontaneous.

  • 100% medical-grade silicone – without plasticizers
  • Respects vaginal flora
  • Produced in Central Europe
  • Reusable for 1-2 years

No medical measurements required. Stays in place regardless of pelvic floor tone or uterine retroversion.


S – For women who have never been pregnant

M – For women who have delivered by C-section, or experienced miscarriage or abortion

L – For women who have delivered vaginally

Note: If you are under 160 cm tall (5’3“) and have delivered vaginally, size M may be more appropriate for you.

Learning or Advanced version?

Both versions are fully functional and comfortable.

  • The Learning cap is made from a slightly firmer material that helps keep the cap´s shape inside the vagina. That makes insertion easier for new users.
  • The Advanced cap is skin-soft and almost imperceptible to both partners. We recommend having previous experience with caps, so you know how to place the cap correctly.


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S, M, L


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