Evanella – the jewel for love

A very special cap for making love during your period.
  • Evanella is a cervical cap that holds back flow for mess-free period sex.
  • Smaller than menstrual disks: doesn’t cover the G-spot!
  • Designed with women’s needs in mind, it´s functional and beautiful, perfect for your healthy life-style, and environmentally friendly.
Why is this cap so special?
  • Easy removal thanks to the removal eyelets.

The cervix doesn’t point straight down in the vagina. It’s actually tilted forward or backward. So we designed Evanella with the removal eyelet about 2-3 centimeters closer to the vaginal opening.

  • Learning and Advanced versions – both fully functional!

Beginners appreciate the slightly firmer material that helps them position the cervical cap correctly. Experienced users enjoy the Advanced version with silicone so skin-soft, you can’t even feel it.

  • Two shapes in one cap – a perfect fit for most women.
Two shapes in one cap

Our favorite feature: you can turn the cap inside out for a slightly deeper bowl and smaller brims. So you can adapt Evanella to your personal needs.

Evanella can be inserted for up to 40 minutes. We do not recommend using it on a heavy flow day. We would like to point out that 40 minutes’ insertion is not sufficient with regard to contraceptive effect.